Peter Downey


Craftsman Plumber, Quantity Surveyor (NZCQS)

Peter Downey founded Hydraulic Services Consultants (now HSCNZ Limited) in 1992. Having worked in Australia on many major projects with “Hydraulic Consultants”, Peter wondered why no such building professional existed in New Zealand. Sure there were Building Services Engineers, but they tended to know a little about a lot of things and not a lot about plumbing specifically!

So Peter decided to set up Hydraulic Services Consultants to mirror what he knew was outstandingly successful in Australia. The correctness of that decision is reflected in our success.

But New Zealand didn’t know a lot about plumbing design before 1992. So Peter undertook an extensive series of seminars nationwide to assist the plumbing industry understand this new Australian Standard plumbing. Now, over 300 seminars later, we feel the industry is better informed and Peter is a well recognised and respected member of the plumbing industry in New Zealand.

That respect has fueled our success and to date, we have an enviable portfolio of successfully completed projects across the Auckland Cityscape and across other centres in New Zealand and the South Pacific islands. We estimate that Hydraulic Services Consultants Limited has been involved in the design of over 75% of all the high-rise apartment buildings completed in Auckland within the last 12 years.

Peter has been in the construction industry across Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand since 1973.

Gurpreet Singh Sokhi (Guru)


Craftsman Plumber

Having commenced his plumbing apprenticeship in 2010 with the Apprentice Training Trust, Gurpreet moved to Hydraulic Services Consultants NZ Limited (now HSCNZ Limited) in 2012.

Gurpreet settled into the role of Hydraulic Consultant easily and quickly built-up good stable of clients across a wide range of projects.

In 2017, Gurpreet bought into the business and is now a Director of the company.

Gurpreet's responsibilities include the calculation of all fees and pricing, and the subsequent negotiations thereafter. He engages well with our existing and new clients.

Gurpreet manages the day-to-day running of the office, where he can continue to share his experience and provide support to the other designers and drafting team.