What We Do

We design plumbing systems

We get involved into everything to do with plumbing.

Into buildings of every description! From multi-level apartments down to houses, from hospitals down to medical centres, from shopping centres down to retail tenancies. Any building that has plumbing inside!

We consistently set the national design benchmarks for our designs in water delivery, sanitary and stormwater disposal methodology. Many of our construction documentation disciplines have become "standards'' within the industry.

For us, Plumbing Systems include the following sub-disciplines,

1. Sanitary Drainage

2. Stormwater Drainage

3. Trade Waste Drainage

4. Subsoil and Agricultural Drainage

5. Sanitary Plumbing

6. Trade Waste Plumbing

7. Roof Water Downpipes

8. Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse Systems

9. Roof Gutters and Overflows

10. Gas Reticulation

11. Cold Water Reticulation

12. Hot Water Reticulation

13. Hot Water Generators

14. Domestic Fire Sprinklers

15. Backflow Prevention

16. Public Infrastructure Impact Assessment Reports

17. Fire Hydrant Mains

18. Plumbing Education Seminars in Plumbing Design and Estimating and Tendering

19. Green Plumbing Solutions

Out of all that, there must be something we can do for you on your next project?